The EWD exhaust fans in the workplace: the case of the Raviolificio San Giorgio

We already explained to you how crucial it is to maintain an excellent air recycling in the workplace to guarantee a comfort condition to the workers involved in the production process.
There are realities where this need is combined with the need to safeguard the quality and freshness of the product in order to maintain high standard for the products placed on the market.

We visited the Raviolificio San Giorgio in Ceriale (SV) and they explained how and why they chose to use the Termotecnica Pericoli exhaust fan.

Raviolificio San Giorgio: the company overview

Raviolificio San Giorgio is a company widely known in Italy and in France for the production of fresh pasta. Their leading product is definitely ravioli with meat and vegetable that are successfully distributed throughout northern Italy and the French Riviera.
The company has a forty-year history behind it and today it is carried out by Mr. Marino Cornali who holds the reins and personally manages the production with great care, with particular attention to raw materials which must meet the strict quality standards and the dictates of the traditional Ligurian cuisine.

A growing reality that is investing in new product lines as well as in new spaces for the production and sorting of finished products.
The company produces from 1300 kg/day in low season to 2500 kg/day of fresh pasta for the supply of markets, restaurants, and shops.

Exhaust fans in the production progress

We met Dr. Paola Nazari, biologist and Head of Quality Department for Raviolificio San Giorgio who accompanied us to visit the factories and explained us the key role of exhaust fans in the production process of fresh pasta.
The EWD exhaust fans play a very important role in the final phase of the production process.
Once the preparation phase has been completed, the ravioli are placed in a machine for the delicate and crucial pasteurization phase: the product is drained thanks to the use of steam that acts as a real bactericide.
Once placed in the machine for about 1.40 minutes, the ravioli that come out must have a temperature> 70°C.

The exhaust fans are used to maintain a suitable temperature and humidity in the environment for the production of fresh pasta.
The ideal relative humidity (RH) must be around 60/70% and it is monitored by using a special device. The pasteurization phase produces a lot of steam making the environment saturated and causing condensation. With the help of the exhaust fans, this problem is avoided because the saturated air is channeled and expelled outside.

Maintaining the right parameters becomes therefore crucial to preserve the quality of the ingredients: a too dry environment compromises the pasta by making it fragile as well as of the ravioli’s stuffing.

During the hot season, the air extraction of air through the use of EWD becomes very important for the well-being of the workers, creating an environment that is certainly more suitable and with temperatures more pleasant for the operators involved.
Moreover, even excessive temperatures and air stagnation can create problems and affect the quality of the finished product.

Finally, the peculiarity of having a  shutter system with an excellent protection from light and air, guarantees the ideal hygiene standards preventing the entry into the environment of insects or any type of external contamination.

 The advantages of the EWD exhaust fan


  • It creates a condition of comfort for workers
  • It maintains an ideal microclimate to safeguard the product
  • It prevents condensation
  • Its shutter system, equipped with lateral seals designed for this purpose, prevents external contamination

For more information related to EWD, please read the product sheet.