Termotecnica Pericoli celebrates 4 of its employees for their 25-year anniversary in our company

We promised that it would not be the usual corporate Christmas dinner, and we kept our word.

This year the party dedicated to Termotecnica Pericoli employees took place in the charming setting of “Loano 2 Village”: an opportunity to spend time together before the winter break, celebrate our achievements and discuss the projects in the pipeline for 2020.

We already talked in the previous article about the surprising results achieved by our company in the past 12 months, but 2019 was also a special year for 4 Pericoli employees who completed 25-year career.

In order to celebrate this important milestone, our management wanted to organize a special moment dedicated to these people to thank them and pay homage for the work they did in all these years of service.

The guests of honor were Massimo Gianeri (line worker in charge of the Salvagnini work center), Luca Malfitano (technician in the Industrialization department), Samuel Molinari (head of production control of the local plant) and Fabrizio Sappa (sales manager).

Mauro Pericoli hosted the event by recalling together the most outstanding events of 1994 and then concentrating on the unsuspecting guests: “Massimo, Luca, Samuel, and Fabrizio experienced much of the evolution of this Company and, each one within his specific area of ​​competence, also contributed to its growth and success.
They are colleagues who certainly do not need any introduction, all the team members had the chance to meet, to appreciate, maybe even sometimes to hate them, but the path they made in all these years and their daily contribution remains undoubted.
For this reason, my brother, my sister and I, we are pleased to celebrate this milestone with all of you and pay homage to them with a symbolic cadeau to thank them for the commitment, perseverance, and reliability they have shown during these 25 years ".

But that wasn't all. For each one, a letter has been also read by colleagues who did not save themselves Jokes, puns, and happy memories: a pleasant moment, and an opportunity to underline how fundamental the role of the individual in achieving common goals is.

Finally, President Roberto Pericoli also wanted to announce that in 2020 important extraordinary works will be carried out in the Italian plant and in the Sales Offices.
"The acquisition of new properties will allow us to expand the space that is available in Albenga nowadays, we will create training rooms, a new showroom, and areas for guests so that we can organize events dedicated to our customers such as seminars, product presentations, and a whole series of satellite activities to improve our brand reputation.
In our factory, on the other hand, we will redevelop and improve the common spaces frequented by employees and workers with a makeover in order to make the rooms more welcoming, modern, suitable for sharing and team building.
In the coming months, we will certainly show you the development of this new project … "