Pericoli and Rufepa: never change a winning team

After winning the order for the 205-hectare greenhouse heating system with our indirect air heater combiTERM in 2017 (you can read the entire article here) a new agreement was recently signed with the Spanish company Rufepa, for an equally ambitious project.

The Egyptian project

The Egyptian government, committed to relaunching the national primary sector, has again commissioned the Rufepa company to build a further 2050 hectares of greenhouses for protected crops.
The typology of cultures, in this case, did not require the installation of a heating system. Anyway, in order to avoid air stagnation diseases, Termotecnica Pericoli will support the project with the delivery of  37,000 air circulation fans ACF series, and exhaust fans EOS series.

Important numbers that will keep our Albenga production plant busy for several months with a dedicated working team.
A detailed process of work re-organization and order planning in order to guarantee not only the timing with smooth and punctual shipments but also to allow the team to work at its best and with maximum productivity.

What the Eng. Andrea Trespidi declared

“This is certainly one of the most important projects in the history of our Company, it is undeniable that we had to partially revise our modus operandi to be able not only to respect the timing of this order but also to not neglect the normal work routine. The first deliveries have already reached the African continent, punctually as foreseen by the delivery plan requested by Rufepa” declared the Plant Manager Andrea Trespidi.

The ACF series is one of the most successful lines signed by Pericoli, a seeded product that since its launch has always recorded important sales volume, as well as very positive feedback from end users. The fact that it was chosen for such an ambitious project is a further proof of the quality and effectiveness of this product line.

“I personally thank Eng. Morales (CEO Rufepa) for this renewal of confidence certainly bodes well for future projects and collaborations “- Mauro Pericoli