All about ventilation systems

Termotecnica Pericoli deals with industrial ventilation systems for air conditioning in large spaces, both in the civil and industrial sectors as well as in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

Plants and animals need optimal microclimatic conditions to live healthy, growing, and reproducing in a regular and natural way.

For this industrial ventilation systems in livestock or greenhouses allow:

  • animal welfare;
  • growth of flowers and plants;
  • improvement of the working conditions of operators;
  • energy saving.

Animals and plants are strongly affected by thermal stress caused by too hot or too cold temperatures. So much that in our country and many other nations, there are laws that define the ideal parameters for the well-being and protection of these living beings.


Even in developing countries where local laws on pollution, consumption, and welfare are more permissive, we are committed to propose the installation of machinery in greenhouses and warehouses with constant attention to the environment and animal welfare.

We shouldn’t forget the workers, breeders, and farmers, who must always be able to operate in optimal conditions, in healthy environments, and accessible from a thermal and acoustic point of view.


In agriculture and livestock, controlled mechanical ventilation systems allow working with precise and defined parameters capable of increasing production in a healthy and correct way. This translates into a better yield for the farmer and better product quality throughout the year.

In this kind of structure, the climatic factors of the area where the system will be installed must be considered already in the design phase. A structure built with suitable heights, spaces, and materials, allows the installation of effective and performing climate control and ventilation systems.


For this reason, our company works with a technically trained staff, satisfying every customer request and showing itself capable of studying the best solution to meet every business need.

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