All about efficiency and environment

Efficiency and environmental sustainability are current issues that involve the agricultural and livestock sector regarding eco ventilation, heating, and cooling systems of indoor environments. Climate change and the constant increase of the earth’s population are having a devastating impact on our planet. It must lead us to reflect, but above all to undertake a series of actions and behaviors to respect natural resources and biodiversity while ensuring nourishment for human beings.


There is increasing concern about the issue of sustainability in agriculture and farms. However, attention should not only be limited to the environment but also the social sphere. Sustainability also means ensuring quality of life for people, and operators involved in production processes, satisfying a need without penalizing future generations.

Among the various common goals, there is certainly the task of transforming productive models to ensure that the impact on the environment can be minimized, consciously exploiting the territory and using renewable energy sources as much as possible or increasing the efficiency of the plants.


Especially in sectors such as agriculture and livestock that traditionally live away from the technological process, today it becomes essential to exploit new techniques and new tools. They are customized systems for the customer and the geographical area and limit waste as much as possible.


In the design phase of the systems, it is necessary to rely on technicians able to identify the most efficient method to achieve business goals.
The professionals in charge of designing a sustainable agricultural, livestock, and industrial plant must work in synergy to maximize production, by impacting as little as possible on the planet.


Termotecnica Pericoli has invested in equipment and technologies in recent years. The Research and Development department, thanks also to the use of PERIlab, is constantly working on the creation of high-performance, energy-efficient, and cost-effective machinery for industrial air conditioning and eco-ventilation systems.


We can sell a range of certified products, that boast the highest quality standards, aware that industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems can no longer ignore sustainability and environmental protection, animal welfare, and reduced energy consumption.


The ecological goals of 2035 and 2050 are not as far as we think. We must begin today to work alongside reliable partners capable of installing innovative and ecological technologies. Termotecnica Pericoli products can lead farmers and breeders towards more sustainable production.

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