The benefits of preventive maintenance: the case of PERIcool


We have frequently emphasized how important it is to implement a maintenance program to safeguard the product durability and performances.
Also for PERIcool we planned a series of activities and precautions aimed to achieve these goals. Let’s have a look together at such procedures:

Water Quality:

  • In order to avoid problems or chemical attack to the panel, water should be maintained at a pH level between 6 and 8. Do not use any chemical products in the water supply and use only room-temperature water. Hot water as well as some additives may accelerate the natural degradation process of the panels’ resin coating, up to bring the structure to collapse.
  • It is recommended to use water with a hardness not greater than 250 ppm CaCO3 in order to avoid salinity to exceed acceptable levels, it is recommended to perform cycles of bleed-off from the recirculated water circuit. It allows to avoid the formation of limescale deposits on the surface, condition which significantly reduces the cooling efficiency. Keep the mineral drain valve at a minimum opening of 5%.
  • In some extreme conditions of use, it can be a good practice to periodically drain the water used in the plant and replace it with fresh one.

In general, making occasionally water analysis could be a good way to ensure the optimal operating conditions.


PERIcool panels find their optimal working condition (high cooling efficiency and low pressure drop) when the air uniformly passes through them. The formation of scales on the surface is one of the reasons that may cause a performance decay. To avoid this problem we recommend to:

  • Increase the water flowrate that wets the panels
  • Clean frequently the water distribution circuit
  • Clean the water filter once a week. Do not operate the system without filters
  • Effect frequent discharge cycles of recirculated water and clean the rank


To avoid excessive growth of algae we suggest to:

  • Reduce the exposure to the sun
  • Effect regularly some drying cycles of the pads. To speed up this operation it is advisable to stop the circulation pumps before stopping the fans
  • Avoid any aggressive substances because they can cause irreparable damage to the evaporative panels


  • Clean the panels with a soft bristle brush and then perform a washing cycle using clean water. Once the cycle is finished, replace all the circulating water
  • Clean the water filter once a week

For any further advice, question or enquiry, you can send an email to , our climate experts are glad to help you.