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CAHE 2017


Following the positive results achieved during the 2016 edition, Termotecnica Pericoli decided to repeat by participating again in the CAHE show that this year was held in Qingdao.
The presence of a modern booth and qualified staff allows a special consideration for our brand and lets us to listen and analyze the demands of a truly unique and promising market, despite the fact that the poultry industry is suffering a new wave of avian flu; and the low egg prices during these recent months penalize short-term investments.
The event always have a positive impact among the main segments of the livestock industry and, above all, a large number of visitors. The balance is definitely encouraging: our team has gathered numerous enquiries from  customers that in the past have relied on countrified  products but now are spotting problems related to their durability and efficiency. A positive reversal trend that once again shows how important it is to rely on the experience and professionalism of those who have been doing this for 50 years now and who, above all, have quality and durability as strong points.