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Fieravicola 2015 โ€“ Verona


Fieravicola proved itself again as leading event in the Italian poultry industry and, at the same time, a strategic showcase that involves key professionals from the Eastern European and the Mediterranean markets. TERMOTECNICA PERICOLI didn’t  miss the opportunity to exhibit on its territory having always been at the forefront for the protection of Italian excellences and “made in Italy” in general.
Even though the Company is becoming a more and more multinational reality by opening its branches in Malaysia and Mexico, it has always protected the authenticity of its products and their quality. In the Italian headquarters in Albenga, we manage the design part of the range: the technical team studies, develops, tests and manufactures a product that is then exported all over the world, and we manage also the graphic design, marketing and administration departments.
“Italian products are historically associated with high quality and specialization and PERICOLI has always wanted to defend the Italian character of its production which, for nearly 50 years, has been appreciated and recognized everywhere” declared Mauro Pericoli – Director.