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IPPE 2017 - Atlanta (Usa)


The 2017 IPPE continues its long tradition as showcase of the poultry industry. Approx. 30.000 visitors took part in the trade show and all the segments of the poultry, feed and meat industries were fully represented.
Termotecnica Pericoli normally attends the show every two years and this January we have been present also to introduce our new corporate image, fully redesigned in occasion of our Fiftieth Anniversary.
IPPE 2017 was the first stage in a series of events that will accompany us during the year celebrating this important milestone.

But it’s not all about marketing. The fair was also a good opportunity to highlight our presence in the Americas market where our representative office with dedicated staff was established in 2014 (Pericoli Centro America).
Although the US is a quite difficult market to conquer due to its strong protectionism and the type of products required, we registered an interesting increase in collaborations and great appeal to the “made in Italy”.
Simultaneously, we collected highly positive results from Latin America: we remark the presence of Latin-American visitors who stopped by our booth and with whom we are negotiating important projects.
“We began very well by imposing our presence especially in the horticultural industry, we are now taking the first encouraging steps also in the livestock sector, especially poultry, which definitely has a great potential in this area. IPPE 2017 allowed us to embark on new paths and to lay the groundwork for future synergies "- Alexandro Bessone (PCA)