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CAHE 2016 – Shenyang


CAHE 2016, held in Shenyang (China), is just over.

The Chinese economy is constantly growing and has already overcome that of the Eurozone, and it is projected to become the first economy in the world according to OECD data.
In parallel, the country is more and more opening up to the West by adapting to international standards not only the way to operate on the market, but also the tastes of its consumers regarding the products’ quality.

“It is common knowledge that it is not easy to enter the Chinese market for an European company, or an Italian one like us. Pericoli Group has been working in these areas for twenty years facing many difficulties: communication, bureaucracy, product counterfeiting etc.
It seems that this trend has recently switched round. Many European companies involved in the supply of  farming equipment are increasing their turnover in these areas, low-cost products are losing their appeal thus favoring the import of quality equipment and original products.

The biggest distribution groups, decision makers and in general the livestock leaders have understood the importance of having high quality and long-lasting equipment that can guarantee steady performances, preferring foreign products with technical background, official certifications and a very significant experience in innovation.

Pericoli brand has always encouraged and believed in its “made in Italy” design and excellence of its products. Moreover, it has great strength in China also thanks to the presence of its facility in Malaysia which can quickly and strategically deliver our products in the whole Asian region.
Thanks to our meeting point at CAHE we had the opportunity to make a deeper market analysis and to collect new and interesting contacts to develop in the coming months. We also could spot how our products are always among the most imitate ones by Chinese competitors.
This certainly suggests that our range has great value and deserves to be imitated. With the direct presence at the show with our booth, we can once again demonstrate and emphasize that originality, design, quality and engineering are important features, hardly reproducible, that can make the difference in comparison to counterfeit products which always represent something already obsolete or not up-to-date with the latest innovation, which our R&D team is constantly working at” – Mauro Pericoli (Director).