Our history

It was 1967 when Domenico Pericoli founded his company. Since then many things changed: global economy, technology, and environmental awareness, nevertheless Pericoli in 50 years of activity has always been able to face such changes and establish itself around the world as synonymous with quality and efficiency.

The 70s and the craft workshop

Already from its first steps, the company proves to be attentive to the needs of the growing local market and combines the patented boilers for civil use with the first products meant for protected crops. The indirect heaters for optimizing greenhouse production are the first major step to the company’s big growth.

The birth of a factory

Strong in a rapid and steady development, the small workshop turns into a factory: the product range further expands and the ventilation line joins the heating one: standard-bearer is the exhaust fan for big environments. The corporate goal is the design and manufacturing of a full range of products for the creation of the perfect climate in the protected crops and in livestock facilities.

The 90s

The company is ready to make the leap: structural expansion, technologic investments, and production automation contribute to the company’s transformation into a modern industry.

In 1993 it officially acquires the name by which it is known today: TERMOTECNICA PERICOLI SRL.
 At the end of the decade the business is handed down from Maria Luisa and Domenico to their children Roberto, Mauro and Grazia.

The new millenium

In parallel with the market globalization and the tools computerization, the company decides to invest in a forefront cooling system.
Termotecnica Pericoli expands its structure with a new sales office in Albenga and the PERICOOL DIVISION in Priola (Cn).

A global truth

The wish to growth does not stop, the time is ripe to expand the boundaries: Malaysia proves to be the ideal strategic country for the opening of a first representative sales office which, two years later, becomes a reality even more concrete. In 2012 PERICOLI ASIA PACIFIC officially opens.

Thanks to a successful background and the great accomplishment in Asia, Pericoli decides to invest again setting a new goal with the American market.
In 2014 PERICOLI CENTRO AMERICA was born, a start-up that wants to grow and establish the brand in these potentially very promising areas as well as provide customer service and technical assistance on site. Mexico is the ideal choice being a good connection between Latin America and the States. Following these good results, in 2016 opens PERICOLI MIDDLE EAST a new meeting point located in Amman (Jordan) with the main goal of being a practical support and a developing showroom dedicated to the important clientele from Middle East.

Pericoli Group today is a growing reality and a global leader in ventilation. The main future goals will always be to offer products characterized by the quality of an Italian original design.
Using the most advanced R&D technologies,  we propose efficient environment solutions, able to increase production minimizing the operating costs.