about us


Termotecnica Pericoli was established in 1967, it is a family company and a globally recognized brand. Market leader in heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, is well known for its innovation, quality, and performance in every side of the business. Design, materials, and manufacture reflect the high standard of “Made in Italy” and the distribution is served by an extensive worldwide network of agents specialized in agricultural and livestock environment.
Pericoli’s staff is made up of dynamic people with a lot of passion in their job and operative 7/7. This is the reason why it opened a facility and representative offices in Malaysia in 2012, in Mexico in 2014 and in Jordan in 2016.


Half century in business characterized by a continuous growth, let us establish ourselves on the market as leading brand in this field. Today, we count on three branches strategically located to quickly reach our customers in every continent 24/7, as well as on an extensive network of agents and distributors.
 Our network has got loyal, satisfied and constantly increasing customers. Those who choose Pericoli products know that they can count on an extensive customer service and technical support, on quality products certified by the renowned industry institutions and on a young and dynamic team that is passionate about their work.


Today our success is inextricably linked to the experience and product knowledge we acquired over the years.
We consciously decided to exclusively specialize ourselves in the production of products designed to anticipate and interpret the needs of those who need to create optimal climatic conditions within their greenhouses or for livestock or industrial sheds.
We offer a full, complete and powerful range of hardware designed for heating, ventilation and cooling requirements together with a full line of accessories that constitute real integrated systems.


Our products are created using in wise quality components along with a deep knowledge of our customers’ needs.
Our R&D team work using advanced instruments: the creation of a real PERIlab with avant-garde equipment to test the performances of our products, allows us to work in absolute autonomy, in drawing, designing and analyzing each prototype step by step for excellent results in terms of efficiency, durability and energy consumption.
Through constant research and experimentation, we face the changes of an increasingly globalized and technological market with a technical experience fully at our customers' service.